Dear Diary: My Weekend

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The Big Drops will be hitting the road this week for a string of shows that will surely make your fall day/nights happy and warmer!

Starting on Thursday for an acoustic songwriting showcase in Rhode Island; the group will then move on to play Friday in Brooklyn, NY at Black Bear Bar.

To traverse and travel!
Saturday they’ll take a magical transporting vehicular machine to Hadley, Massachusetts to play along excitable groups: Superbee, Follies, and Calico Blue. A night of good fun times at Asbestos Farm!

Then, on Sunday, they will move back to the familiar venue of Groov Café in Montclair, NJ to play a cozy day festivity with a good many fantastic musical artists. A couple to name: Shwizz and Turkey Farm Five!

And to round it off, the Big Drops will end it all with a stellar, star-studded monday night in Asbury Park, NJ at the beach front location of the Wonderbar.

So they’ll be runnin about with their musical tails wagging this week/weekend. Try and catch them at one of these shows for smiles and good good music!