Farewell 2017

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Hope you had a pleasant year. At the very least… we’re happy you made it. A year can sometimes be a tough thing to get through.

It’s been a productive 2017 for The Big Drops. Thanks to all the great people, music, ideas, and evenings we’ve shared & enjoyed. This year we:

At the start of 2017 we put together a list of goals we wanted to accomplish; and we feel pretty happy to have checked off all the big ones (i.e. release an album, go on 3+ tours, tour to Canada, perform 15+ shows in Brooklyn/ NYC). Our direction for 2018 is to keep playing shows, releasing music, meeting good people, and figuring the best way to sustain & improve our musical pursuits for the many (hopefully) years we will enjoy on this planet.

We have some fun plans brewing for the new year.. and are particularly excited to release the newest batch of Big Drops tunes we’ve been tinkering with.


The Best of 2018 Happenings, we wish to you.